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North Dakota Legislation for Legalizing Recreational Cannabis Comes Around Again

Cannabis North Dakota

If at first, you do not succeed, try, try again!

North Dakota missed the opportunity in 2020 to gain enough signatures to get the “legal cannabis” issue on the ballot. But that is not stopping the momentum. Supporters and legislators in the state are stepping up and giving it a second try.

Cannabis North Dakota

With South Dakota and Montana’s success in the 2020 election and passage to legalize recreational cannabis sales coupled with the massive tax revenues collected by other legal states including Colorado and California, for example, North Dakota stands to gain greatly to assist building their “coffers.” Plus, with public support of the legislation, the state legislature is listening to voters at the very least.

Lastly, the issue may “fly-through” all of the roadblocks soon enough with the Biden Administration coming into office coupled with a Democratic-controlled House and Senate. It has only been a few months when the House at that time passed a bill to “decriminalize marijuana” Federally across the country. It is expected under the new regime now; this step is sure to come sooner than later.

It is expected a larger number of states will then move towards legalization across the country. Either way, be it by state or federal changes in the law, it will happen in time.

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