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Colorado’s Marijuana Industry Keeps Growing!

This Pandemic will eventually “end,” so stay positive because the future is bright!

It is essential! Yes, it is legal! Yet, some dispensaries and other businesses have struggled a bit in recent weeks. Indeed, businesses that support the marijuana industry, such as accountants, packaging companies, and others, have had a little difficulty as well.

But all enthusiasts should remain positive! Let us face it, Colorado is a leader and an excellent example of how the marijuana industry can not only survive but thrive. Many other states that are considering legalization look at how successful Colorado was in becoming a legal state and how the state regulates the industry. Even more impressive, yet politicians rarely admit it, but the taxes the state receives are quite significant, and other states see this “revenue source” as well. Politicians never hate money.

The Pandemic is no joke, but like everything, we will survive and adapt. During this period, some businesses will survive, others will expand, and unfortunately, few may fail. New opportunities such as the delivery of marijuana will gain more traction, and who knows, we may have other businesses develop in the market no one has even thought of yet as well. After all, free spirits tend to be creative souls!

Right now, what all of us can do is to support your local and legal marijuana dispensaries, growers, and partners who share your passions. Through thick and thin, the “biz” is here to stay, and when this Pandemic ends, whatever that may actually look like, the marijuana businesses’ growth will continue. Colorado is the leader! Let us keep it that way!