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Camping, Fishing, Trails & Sweet Shops of Chatfield, Colorado

When fall arrives, and winter comes rolling in after, there are most definitely locations out there you do not want to miss. While some love sunbathing and ninety-degree temperatures on a beach, one state is awarded the highest praise by outdoor enthusiasts who wish to lose themselves in stunning Rocky Mountain landscapes and have fun while skiing, camping, seeing sites, and, believe it or not, enjoying a cavalcade of chocolate!

Colorado is inarguably one of the most beautiful America has to offer. And, there just happens to be a place very close to that bustling city of Denver that once visitors get to see, immediately upon returning to their daily work, get on their computers and start making reservations to get back there as soon as possible. That place? Chatfield State Park.

History buffs will be enthralled by Chatfield simply because of the unique background this place has to offer. During that monumental Gold Rush, where everyone wanted a piece of the 24-karat action, some of the very first pioneers settled in the area to claim their wealth. Over a hundred years later, the State Parks of Colorado took over and opened this 5,600-acre recreation area to visitors, and it’s been thriving ever since.

When going to Chatfield State Park, there is nothing you won’t see. Easy to find that perfect individual or group camping niche; even the family dog will love exploring the 69 acres made just for them. Here, in this entirely fenced-off location where no leashes are needed, you and your dog can explore the ponds while enjoying walks on paved and unpaved trails available to you both.

One of the coolest and most unique places to see at the Park is the Model Airplane Field. For all the aviation “geeks” out there, Chatfield has set up paved runways, frequency posts, and field regulations for radio-controlled aircraft, so make sure to mark this as a “must-do, must-see” when setting up your list of activities.

Wish to head out into that Colorado wilderness just like the pioneers did? Not a problem. Chatfield State Park has stables and corrals; just check in with this horseback riding concessionaire, and the stables will provide trail rides, riding camps, and even allow you and yours to celebrate birthdays in style.

Choosing from the series of over 26 miles of trails that wind through the Chatfield area can be difficult, so make sure to set aside as much time as possible, so you don’t miss a moment of it. The wildlife is stunning. Large areas of open spaces show you the true diversity of habitats and will bring you close to the abundant wildlife that has been smart enough to call this place home. You’ll likely bring home a menu of pictures that will include a Whitetail, an elk, the Bald eagle flying above you, a Red fox; heck, even the prairie dogs and bears, might make an appearance.

Chatfield State Park Camping, Fishing, Trails & Sweet Shops of Chatfield, Colorado Anglers are most definitely attracted to Chatfield

Anglers are most definitely attracted to Chatfield for both warm- and cold-water fishing opportunities. Popular species include walleye, rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, yellow perch, bluegill, green and blue sunfish, and blue and channel catfish.

And when it comes to exploration. The local attractions make Chatfield State Park the perfect “home base” from which to see it all. Take scenic drives to Aspen. Go along those amazing highways with jagged cliffs that take you over high-alpine passes to reach this glorious location. Only forty minutes west of Chatfield, you can make plans for day trips to Idaho Springs, Georgetown, and Central City to see and learn all about gold rush lore and, quite literally, jump on a classic train in order to experience your very own railroad adventure.

So…where’s the chocolate, you ask? Well, let us just say that Hershey, Pennsylvania is not the only glorious place filled with scrumptious goodies. The Colorado sweet shops have their own rave reviews and are set all around the area, so you don’t miss one single bite.

Now is the time, and Chatfield State Park is calling. Go enjoy those Colorado landscapes under a Rocky Mountain sky. Head to today and get your very own visitors guide in order to make those reservations for this perfect vacation.

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