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As COVID Lets Up Vermont Greenlights Cannabis Convention

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The pandemic brought with it a lot of depression, grief, fear and anxiety, to say the least. Each state had to deal with many tragedies, along with having to lose money from annual visitors because the travel industry became defunct overnight.

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, many sites, expos – heck, even the amazing Disney World – had to close up the gates allowing the coffers to dry out. Of course, Disney is something that can certainly make it through tough times, but localized events that bring people into a state usually cannot. One such expo that brought in visitors to the state of Vermont was the Annual Vermont Cannabis and Hemp Convention. Now that we seem to be on the more positive side of COVID-19, with vaccines being given out across America, Vermont is once again opening its gates and announcing that the third annual convention will take place after all, being held at Champlain Valley Expo in Essex Junction, Vermont, on May 8th and 9th.

Being that more and more states are legalizing marijuana, following in the footsteps of those like Colorado that are now enjoying a robust economy because of the hemp/marijuana industry, this convention has grown in size to become New England’s largest cannabis convention…period.

In the state of Vermont, interest in cannabis, hemp, and marijuana-related products and accessories continues to rise astronomically, as evidenced by the huge growth of the CBD sector and its supporting ancillary businesses. The Vermont Cannabis and Hemp Convention has always been seen as the next step in elevating and connecting the cannabis industry and culture that exists within Vermont, as well as with regional partners representing all six New England states. In other words, this event is booked way ahead of time and has become the perfect place to showcase your business, network, and products—while also being the best place to learn and understand more about the industry, itself.

Produced by New England Cannabis Conventions and “Heady Vermont,” it’s expected by one and all that the Champlain Valley Expo will be alive with over 120 booths that will include and cater to CBD purveyors, hemp growers, both home and large-scale cultivation suppliers, and a wide range of businesses that produce and sell accessories related to the cannabis plant.

Both expert regional and national speakers will also be a part of the action. Focusing on business, cultivation, as well as the medical facet of the industry, their programs will cover everything from financial needs to mid- and large-size cultivation questions and procedures, and so much more. Vermont also has an extra draw that will get more people to arrive and increase state’s coffers. Being that the Expo is only a short distance from the Burlington waterfront and Church Street, every visitor will be gifted with fine dining spots, parks, farmers markets, an incredible music scene, and so much more to enjoy while they’re there.

Vermont sees announcements made almost on a daily basis when it comes to the marijuana market. Examples include the fact that various municipalities just recently approved pot shops to be set up; some of the municipalities voted to approve retail marijuana sales on Town Meeting Day; and even more got together and voted to allow local cannabis businesses to begin, clearing the way for marijuana shops to be open as soon as October of 2022.

It’s been reported that Vermont townspeople completely understand that cannabis is already being sold illegally in various spots, and the communities have a clear preference that they want those sales brought out of the shadows and conducted in a manner that draws both locals and tourists back to “Main Street Vermont,” so to speak. If that happens, they all know that those consumers will patronize downtown stores, restaurants, art venues and more, leading to a hearty economy and renewed healthy businesses. And after the economic hardship that the pandemic brought along with it, nothing could be better than that.

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