It’s here!  It’s What you have been seeking! brings you the best of both worlds!

Committed to our readers and advertisers, my420networks is dedicated to delivering timely and relevant state-specific and national cannabis features, lifestyle interests, adventure, and highlighting local business directories aligned with legal cannabis-related products and services.


Our network consists of (12) websites and social media accounts in legal cannabis states reaching your targeted audience effectively and efficiently! Don’t worry as each state becomes a “legal” state. We will be adding more websites to our network too! Power to the People!


With our targeted network, has the unique ability to reach YOUR best prospects with several advertising options. We strive to reach your best prospects, 21 years of age, and older and meet each state’s legal advertising requirements. Adverting options, in any combination, may include:

  • Banner Advertising:  Banner ads may be purchased to run in only one state or across the entire network based on your specific needs and legal requirements.
  • Social Media: We can assist with a targeted advertising program, develop campaigns to assist with your social media account growth, and highlight targeted posts to our followers by state or across the entire network.
  • Email Blasts: Ready to “blast”? We can help with the development of content, creation of your email blast, distribution, and a lot more!
  • Business Directory Listing: Available by STATE only, our Business Directory enables you to highlight your business in our State Specific Business Directory.  A great way to tell your prospect more about business than just where your located vs. competitors’ listings!
  • Content Marketing: Content is “King on the Web”!

How about a “whole series” of features about your products, services, events, ideas, or specific R&D information about your business?  You can include more details, information than a standard ad can provide. Plus, features deliver enhanced SEO, direct clicks, social engagement, and much more! After all, no one can tell your “story” better than you!

Incorporating all of your marketing messages and materials to generate a series of features for a unified digital distribution delivers massive results in today’s digital world!

How it Works:

  1. Set up the Editorial Schedule with you and generate features based on your needs. Of course, based on our guidelines, you can create your features or repurpose content as well!
  2. You approve all Content before being published.
  3. Your content is distributed through our network of websites and social accounts (by state or across the entire network depending on your needs) to generate measurable results!
  4. Monthly Reports outlining the web traffic you have received for your content distribution on our network

             Key Benefits Content Marketing:

  • Increase your website traffic and enhance SEO!
  • Direct response, engagement, & branding
  • Content delivers results short term results today and more result long term
  • Our Monthly Reporting System will provide your real data for a measurable ROI!

Advertising Distribution: More than a Concept but Real Results!

1). State:  Advertising Options to Meet Your Specific Needs and generate the right ROI!

Since we can deliver your ads or content marketing features ONLY in your legal state, my420networks is unique in the ability to target consumers in a specific state. For example, retail business, tourism destinations, or even legal dispensaries that operate in a state and must adhere to specific laws, guidelines, and regulations associated with your business. Your advertising message or content will ONLY appear in your specific state in the appropriate my420website and social accounts in the state.

2).  Network: A Great way to reach your targeted audience across all of the 420 Network!

Companies with products and services desiring to reach this key audience can advertise across the entire platform of my420network state-specific websites with ads or content marketing features and social media accounts. Plus, with a strategic Content Marketing program, your advertising will deliver massive results for a significant ROI. 

Highly targeted, Cost-efficient, and a Large Reach= Big Results!

Please refer to your state and local laws regarding advertising cannabis related products in your area. 

Let us Work Together!   Contact us and let us demonstrate how we can make your advertising work better with my420networks today!

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